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Learn why the Agua Del Sol solar hot water systems is the top choice by contractors and consumers alike for warranty, efficiency, output, and ease of use. A drainback system works on the “drain back” principle. When inclement weather or nightfall shuts down the system, the water in the solar-collector loop drains back into an indoor fluid reservoir by the force of gravity. The water is pumped into the collector piping whenever the system is reactivated.

What you gain as a homeowner is multiplied:

  • Heat energy is not wasted in heating the solar collector as in recirculating systems.
  • Cycling on partly cloudy days won’t dump energy, since the collector fluid is stored in an insulated reservoir in the drain down system.
  • Drainback removes all water from the solar collector and piping whenever the solar energy collection process is not active.
  • Freeze protection is automatic and fail-safe.

The main components of the RADCO Drainback System are a water storage tank, a smaller tank that stores heat-transfer fluid (usually water), a solar panel collector that captures heat from the Sun, and a heat transfer system that transfers heat to the water tank.

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Radco has developed a mechanical-control package for drain-back systems. The drain-back Heat eXchange module (DBHX) is a factory-assembled unit which provides:

  • A single-walled heat exchanger
  • Collector fluid reservoir
  • Solar collector fluid circulator pump
  • Hot water booster circulator pump
  • A differential temperature controller unit

All the components are assembled into one attractive module. Most any solar collector and water storage tank can be combined to form a drain-back system!

Radco DBHX 6000 Series Drainback Heat Exchange Modules

Operate a solar water heating system by transferring solar energy to a storage water tank.

The Radco DBHX 6000 series drain-back systems have these outstanding capabilities and strengths:

  • Allows most any solar collector and water storage tank to become a drain-back system.
  • Modular design translates to lower labor costs for installation and less space requirements for installation.
  • Provides automatic and fail-safe freeze protection.
  • Works well in most climates from Arizona to Colorado!
  • Power is not required for the drain-back freeze protection to work.
  • Does not need propylene-glycol to protect from freezing temperatures.
  • Low maintenance – No need for propylene-glycol or rust-inhibitor fluids translates to less maintenance.
  • The closed-loop solar panels protect the collector’s fluid passages from mineral build up caused by “hard” water
  • SRCC approved designs.

Agua Del Sol Certifications:

Certifications and Compliances: IAMPO Listing No. S-1894

Los Angeles City Approval No. RR-4008

California Energy Commission & Arizona Solar Energy Commission

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Agua Del Sol’s mission is to remain an innovative industry leader by constantly striving to surpass our competitors in quality, technology, and value, and elevating our image to become the premier choice in the solar/renewable industry worldwide.

As a performance leader, we will continue to achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial growth opportunities for our distribution centers as well as our entire dealer network.

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