Thermal Components

The following products are listed with the premium features that make the Agua Del Sol solar hot water system one of the leading solar hot water solutions for homeowners and contractors alike. Our products have the highest ratings, efficiency, output, and warranty in the solar water heating industry.


Radco Collector

Radco solar water heating collectors range in size from 3′ by 8′, 4′ by 5 feet,4′ by 8′, to 4 by 10 feet.


Premium Features:

  • Multiple sizes to accommodate all installation requirements.
  • Exclusive design fusion bonded to waterways on automated machinery for maximum quality control Black Chrome Tig welded for superior heat transfer.
  • High performance coating with good durability for all applications.
  • All copper to conduct heat and resist corrosion. Brazed assemblies are pressure tested to 150 psi.
  • Exclusive Radco design provides seal and allows for easy absorber removal for service.
  • Durable high performance glazing, textured to reduce glare and tempered to resist thermal stress.
  • Radco Thermal Collector
  • Withstands high stagnation temperatures. Welded at corners for continuous seal.
  • Insulated on back and sides for maximum heat retention. Blanket resists high stagnation temperatures.
  • Exclusive Radco design provides high strength and low weight for easier handling.
  • Maximum durability.Strengthens frame, protects insulation and enhances appearance.



Radco Drainback Tank




  • EDX Solar System Modules
  • RDX Tanks with single-wall, internal heat-exchanger
  • RDX-4002 Tank – Drainback tank with heat exchanger, 8 gallon-Height: 32inches, Diameter: 12 inches
  • RDX-4005 Tank – Drainback tank with heat exchanger, 12 gallon-Height: 42inches, Diameter: 12 inches


Radco has developed a mechanical-control package for drain-back systems. This Drainback Heat eXchange module (DBHX) is a factory-assembled unit which provides:

  • A single-walled heat exchanger
  • Collector fluid reservoir
  • Solar collector fluid circulator pump
  • Hot water booster circulator pump
  • A differential temperature controller unit assembled into one attractive module
Most any of our solar collectors and any water storage tanks can be combined to form a drainback system!




Goldline Controller

Goldline ControllerFeatures:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Diagnostic LEDs give instant system operation feedback
  • Lightning and static electricity protected
  • Proven reliability with outstanding warranty coverage
  • Sensors can be located up to 1,000 feet away from unit
  • Precision electronics accuracy within +/- 1 F
  • Withstands high stagnation temperatures
  • Welded at corners for continuous seal











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